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Security Tools Page

Security Tools Page Introduction Destruct_Icon here. I wanted to post about a new addition to our site. We’ve added a page devoted to security tools. Just click on the “Security Tools” option in the Menu. Here we will be adding tools and categorizing their use for quick searching capabilities. We plan to create posts for each[…]


Network Forensics – Round 5: Ms. Moneymany’s Mysterious Malware

:Network Forensics – Round 5: Ms. Moneymany’s Mysterious Malware: The puzzle: It was a morning ritual. Ms. Moneymany sipped her coffee as she quickly went through the email that arrived during the night. One of the messages caught her eye, because it was clearly spam that somehow got past the email filter. The message extolled[…]


autobreak-api PyCommand – Automatic Breakpoint Lovin’!

Autobreak-api is an Immunity Debugger PyCommand (Python script) that parses a Windows Portable Executable (PE) to automatically set breakpoints on all imported functions. My goal in writing this script was to ease malware analysis by providing a method to triage specimens quickly. For more information, please see the on GitHub. The script along with[…]

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