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The Importance of Dual Tool Verification

Those of us working in the Digital Forensics and Incident Response realm rely on tools to harvest data for analysis, not to mention to perform the actual analysis. Let’s be honest: Without tools, we would have a dickens of a time doing our jobs. Unfortunately, this had led to examiners having an inherent high level[…]


InPrivate Browsing: Not so private anymore!

How private is Internet Explorer’s “InPrivate” browsing mode? InPrivate Browsing is a feature of Internet Explorer that was introduced a handful of years ago. InPrivate Browsing mode was given the name ‘porn mode’ which is designed to allow the user to browse the Internet without the browser storing Internet history and webpage cache information, as[…]


New SIFT Available!

by Destruct_Icon
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Excited to mention that a new SIFT Kit is out! Thanks SANS for being awesome! Go get your Log2Timeline and Volatility on! Here’s a list of new features per the SANS website. “Key new features of SIFT 3.0 include: Ubuntu LTS 12.04 Base 64 bit base system Better memory utilization Auto-DFIR package update and[…]

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