Security Tools List

Security Tools

ToolCategoryDescriptionLinkWrite Up
CyberChefResearchThe Cyber Swiss Army Knife. Your one stop shop for an incredible amount of online tools such as Base64/URL encoding and decoding, ROT and other encryption/encoding techniques, String extractions and so much more.CyberChef Github
VirusTotalResearchVirusTotal is a free service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware.VirusTotal Website
MXToolboxResearchLookup tool which contains many different functions such as host/IP reputation, ptr records, whois, https verification and more.MXToolbox Website
DomainToolsResearchEverything you might need when investigating IP Addresses or Domains. Contains both free and purchasable services. If you are a consumer of threat intelligence, check out IRIS as it's an amazing tool to expand your view on the intel provided.DomainTools Website
URLQueryResearchService for detecting and analyzing web-based malware. It provides detailed information about the activities a browser does while visiting a site and presents the information for further analysis. URLQuery Website
ThreatCrowdResearchIndicator pivoting tool.ThreatCrowd Website
ReaverPenetration TestingBrute forces WPS PINs to recover WPA/WPA2 passphrases.Reaver GithubUsing Reaver To Brute Force WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)
PLASOHostBuild detailed timelines using forensic images and artifacts.PLASO GithubPLASO – Google And Timelines
ForemostHostFile carving tool.Foremost WebsitePhysical Memory Analysis – Introduction And Foremost
Bulk ExtractorHostExtracts strings and categorizes the data in feature files for easy inspection.Bulk Extractor GithubPhysical Memory Analysis – Bulk Extractor
RedlineHostIdentify signs of compromise through file and/or memory analysis.FireEye WebsiteMemory Forensics: Mandiant Redline
VolatilityHostA framework which allows you to analyze the current running state of a memory image.Volatility WebsitePhysical Memory Analysis – Volatility
AutopsyHostAutopsy is a GUI into a suite of tools known as The Sleuth Kit used for Digital Forensics Investigations.TSK WebsiteTime For An Autopsy!

Software Suites

ToolCategoryDescriptionLinkWrite Up
SIFTHost ForensicsContains a collection of tools for all your host forensics needs.SANS Website
REMnuxMalware ReversingUsed for reversing Malware and/or obfuscated code.REMnux Website
Security OnionNetwork MonitoringUse Security Onion to learn about monitoring, log management and detection.Security Onion Website
KaliPenetration TestingManaged by Offesnive Security, Kali Linux houses many tools that can assist in Penetration Testing.Kali Linux Website
Metasploitable 3Penetration TestingTest your might with Kali Linux against this exploitable VM. Metasploitable 3 Github
WebGOATPenetration TestingA vulnerable web app to learn how to perform penetration testing.WebGOAT Sourceforge
Arizona Cyber Warfare RangePenetration TestingAlthough not a VM or suite of tools, ACWR will spin up vulnerable VMs for you in which you can legally use penetration testing tools against. Great training and testing environment.Arizona Cyber Warfare Range Webstie

Security Collections

SIte NameLink
Meirwah Github ListIR Collection
Cugu Github ListForensics Collection
Onlurking Github ListTraining Collection
Jschicht Github ListHost Forensics Collection
EricZimmerman Github ListHost Forensics Collection

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