WolfCast – Episode 04 – Quest for Knowledge

WolfCast – Episode 04 – Quest for Knowledge

Today, we do a deep dive on education and certifications. What can help you achieve your goals for getting into cyber security? What may be the best bang for your buck?

News Review: [2:05]


Education – [22:55]
Are you thinking of pursuing an information security degree? From student debt to lackluster curriculums, we talk about some of the pitfalls you might run into while getting yourself into a comfortable state of living during and post your educational journey.

Certifications – [1:07:47]
What did you get out of your certifications? Did you go in to pass the test and get the job or did you take your time to absorb as much of the knowledge as possible. Did you have a choice? We’d love to hear from your experience as well, send us a DM: https://twitter.com/malwerewolf.

Shout Outs to the Community: [1:39:10]

Florian Roth – https://twitter.com/cyb3rops
Creator of Sigma, LOKI, yarGen. Don’t forget to check out Raccine and APTSimulator! Follow this person now!

Tools: [1:44:05]
CyLR – https://github.com/orlikoski/CyLR
The CyLR tool collects forensic artifacts from hosts with NTFS file systems quickly, securely and minimizes impact to the host.