WolfCast – Episode 03 – Leveling Up

WolfCast – Episode 03 – Leveling Up

Are you looking to level up in the world of InfoSec? Today, we dive into skills building and ideas of where to start your journey!

Format Change: [1:37]

Byte Sized Introduction: [3:55]
A new YouTube series at https://youtube.com/malwerewolf that we are working on which will provide tips and tricks for the industry. Come learn with us.

News Review: [9:19]

Getting Started and Skills Building – [25:19]
Useful training websites, who to follow, where is the industry heading and more are part of today’s topic. Check out https://malwerewolf.com/tools/ for references to many of our suggestions for CTFs, VMs, Tools and Training Websites.

Shout Outs to the Community: [1:35:13]
Positively Blue Team https://twitter.com/PositivelyBlue_
If you want positive vibes every week of your life, check out the Positively Blue podcast. They are an amazing group, extremely informative and fantastic guests. And those shirts by @bsdbandit… YEEES!
Charles Shirer https://twitter.com/bsdbandit
Shawn Thomas https://twitter.com/understudy77

Tools: [1:41:52]
HELK – https://github.com/Cyb3rWard0g/HELK
Morder Data Sets – https://mordordatasets.com/introduction.html