WolfCast – Episode 02 – The Land of Expectations

WolfCast – Episode 02 – The Land of Expectations

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the land of Expectations!

In this episode of the WolfCast, we begin our recruitment series by exploring the landscape of security jobs and tips on identifying goals and tailoring expectations.

Guest Introduction: [3:25]

  • John from Tokyo
    • Junior In the industry with a few years of experience looking to get into a SOC analyst role to continue to further expand his analysis capabilities.

News Review: [5:10]


Job Landscape – [53:20]
Exploring the security jobs landscape in US and Japan. We discuss in demand roles that we see in both markets, general trends, as well as some thoughts on where we see things going in the near future.

Personal Goals and Expectations – [1:35:35]
We talk about the importance on identifying and creating meaningful and attainable goals. Lastly, we discuss the importance of tailoring expectations, in order to ensure that the idea of the work you want to do is representative of industry reality.

Shout Outs to the Community: [2:12:48]

Professor Messer

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John Strand
Black Hills Information Security

Includes “Pay What You Can” training to learn the ins and outs of getting into the security industry!

Tools: [2:18:40]

Tsurugi Linux – https://tsurugi-linux.org