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PHP Obfuscation and Backdoors – Part 1

by Destruct_Icon
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:PHP Obfuscation and Backdoors – Part 1: We are no strangers to a bit of obfuscated code. If you aren’t familiar with obfuscation, check out some of the great videos on deobfuscating Javascript by 8bits which can be accessed here. Recently we were presented with an opportunity to assist another security researcher with a few potentially compromised pages[…]


User Input Sanitization – A Triple-Pronged Approach

by 8bits0fbr@in
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User Input Sanitization User input filtering, a.k.a. input sanitization, is one of the most important concepts within the security realm.  Improper handling of user input can lead to numerous vulnerabilities, including buffer overflows, SQL injection, command injection, format string attacks, etc.  Sadly, developers often overlook the importance of this practice. While this concept extends to[…]

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