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User Input Sanitization – A Triple-Pronged Approach

by 8bits0fbr@in
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User Input Sanitization User input filtering, a.k.a. input sanitization, is one of the most important concepts within the security realm.  Improper handling of user input can lead to numerous vulnerabilities, including buffer overflows, SQL injection, command injection, format string attacks, etc.  Sadly, developers often overlook the importance of this practice. While this concept extends to[…]


Java Basics and Tutorials – Links

by Destruct_Icon
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Java Basics and Tutorials Finished up on some Database fundamentals and next is Java goodness. I’m going to post a few links for java basics and tutorials. When I get some spare time, I will also add some code snippets which will give basic understanding for things like arrays and simple math. I found that[…]

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