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Nice to meet you all. I have been in the security industry for about 3 years now, and in IT for about 8 or so. Started off doing tech support, (joy, I know) and did several other things including network and system administration before finally entering the security industry. As far as security goes, I am mostly focused on forensics and Incident Response at the moment, though I have a strong interest in Malware Reversing, and Pen Testing as well. Programming is something I would like to focus on a bit more if I had the time as well, but the list of things I want to learn is too long to count, and alas there are a limited number of hours in a day. A good problem to have though :)

Outside of my work, some of my interests include Soccer (Arsenal fan for life – despite the fact that their performances actively are trying to give me a heart attack). I am also an avid gamer, and have been for a long time. I also have have a very strong interest in all things Japan (anime, music,culture, people, history, language, etc), and believe it or not that interest stemmed from their status as a technological Mecca, and not due to anime, which came later. My handle is a direct reflection of those interests – a combination of “Otacon” (From the Metal Gear Series) and the suffix “Kun”. So, there is a little bit about me, onward to the rest of our crew!


Greetings, My intentions as of right now (at the beginning) are to focus on network forensics, deobfuscation, decoding, decrypting and various other InfoSec dirty work. I foresee a lot of high-level math and a need for tools & references.

I will make the attempt to reference any (or all) parties involved in my studies. (Please let me know if I’ve missed someone, I will remedy it ASAP.)

If there is ever any info that is not correct, please comment and someone will fix it. There shouldn’t be anyone in this merry band of goons who is arrogant enough to not consider a comment.


Bah weep gragnah weep nini bong,

I have spent the better part of my career working some way in an I.T environment. I started off as Tech Support then moved on to Systems Administration and eventually landed in Information Security. There’s nothing I would rather be doing than what I am doing now.

In my spare time, lol, I enjoy picking up development projects. Whether it’s working on my Pythonese or dev’in up some ghetto bash scripts, I’m always looking to find extra projects to get my hands on. Schooling is over but the learning never stops. The folks here at MalWerewolf have a never ending drive so there’s always something around the corner to help spin up.

My personal interests are games and nostalgia. I spend many nights analyzing old things (games, movies, shows) in the attempt to understand what attracts me to them. My hobby is video editing. I haven’t had a lot of time to spend on editing, at least not near as much as I would like, but with the creation of this site I see that it may slowly be pushed out and replaced by all of the side-projects we plan to implement. Destruct_Icon has some influence from a few things. I am a big fan of Transformers, specifically the Constructicons, and I always tend to break things… Yep, IJWGS.


My handle is 8bits0fbr@in, and I’ve been working directly in the security field for about three years. I got into the scene back in junior high school, when I was intrigued by articles in the Anarchists Cookbook that I found on some random BBS. I soon learned about the phreaking world, which led to an interest in cellular phone technology. At one point, I had a 5×5 storage unit filled from floor to ceiling with cell phones, ranging from bags to bricks to flips of the then era models. My interest in phreaking (“test mode” for everyone!) was shared with the warez scene, which took me from BBS -> dumpsites -> AOL (Happy Hardcore’s work opened my eyes) -> Hotline -> Usenet -> blah blah blah in a search for the best coders in the various realms.

I learned to program ASM in high school and was able to code a few examples for the z80 in the TI-85, which set me down the path of “what can I make and/or break?” From that point forward it’s been a sprint from one security realm topic to another. I currently work as an incident response analyst, and I absolutely love my job. I have a zest for incident response, intrusion analysis, etc. My goal is to share the “fun stuff” I come across in my journey to absorb all I can while working within such a nurturing community. I might also share some 8- or 16-bit gaming stuff, as I live for retro gaming and love when the reversing world and console gaming meet head to head.


Lucky for me, in my short career (so far), I’ve spent most of that time in security. My interests have taken me to a few different areas in the security world. Recently I’ve been building my skills in the areas of Host-Based Forensics, Network Forensics and Incident Response. I’m also interested in improving my skills in Reverse Engineering Malware. I have a passion for all things security and enjoy having the opportunity to learn new things daily.

Outside of the office, I am a big sports fan, whether it be playing or watching on TV. I am an avid home brewer and enjoy experimenting in craft brew. I enjoy traveling and the outdoors. I am an avid hunter, golfer, snowboarder and mountain biker.

That’s enough about me. Hopefully all of us here can provide you with some good articles, tutorials, and walk-throughs in a wide array of security topics/disciplines.


My name is nanoSpl0it. I have been in the security industry for about 2 years or so. I have been an on and off security enthusiast for about 8 years or so. Some of my previous experience in IT is tech support, networking , and programming. I have been focusing most of my time on RE and DFIR. I have a interest in educating my self in coding, exploit development, and pen testing.

I enjoy the outdoors, but mostly long hikes chasing wapiti through the forest. I have a passion for being self sustaining. My handle is an ode to one of the greatest exploits developers that I have followed on the inter webs.

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