Cool News Story Bro! Week of 1-27-2017

by Otakun
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Hi Guys,

It’s that time of the week. Good stuff this week, so let’s get to it.

News Stories:

  1. Anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo celebrates over 10 billion searches

    1. First, some privacy news. It looks like the anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo has seen quite a rise in popularity since the Snowden revelations. Celebrating over 10 billion searches this week. As a user of DuckDuckGo, I am glad to see it growing in popularity.
    2. Read More @ https://betanews.com/2017/01/23/duckduckgo-10-billion-searches/
  2. Sale of Core Yahoo Assets to Verizon Delayed

    1. Next, some more bad news for Yahoo. Seems like the closing of the sale to Verizon is being delayed several months, potentially due to the issues over the recent breaches. At this point, it would not be surprising to see Verizon back out entirely.
    2. Read More @ http://www.securityweek.com/sale-core-yahoo-assets-verizon-delayed
  3. SEC said to probe Yahoo data breaches

    1. Next, some more bad news for Yahoo, as SEC is to to launch a probe in relation to the two massive breaches that affected the company. The reasoning is mainly in regards to the disclosure of the breach by Yahoo, as they did take quite a long time to announce it.
    2. Read More @ http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/news/2017/01/23/report-sec-looking-into-yahoo-data-breaches/96940674/
  4. China cracks down on international VPN usage

    1. Next, some bad news for privacy in China as the government has announced a crack down on VPN services. China has never been a big fan of services such as these, so this is hardly surprising as anonymity is the enemy in their eyes.
    2. Read More @ https://thestack.com/cloud/2017/01/23/china-cracks-down-on-international-vpn-usage/
  5. Cyber Incidents Hit 85% Of Firms Over Past 12 Months

    1. Next, a new survey has revealed that 85% of firms have experienced Cyber attacks in the past 12 months. The primary culprit is malicious insiders, but other common threats like viruses, and phishing were also int he top sources. This is not all that surprising but it’s good to see some numbers backing it up.
    2. Read More @ http://www.darkreading.com/cyber-incidents-hit-85–of-firms-over-past-12-months/d/d-id/1327948
  6. Russian Hacker behind ‘NeverQuest’ Malware, Wanted by FBI, Is Arrested in Spain

    1. Next, some good news, as a Russian author of the “NeverQuest” banking malware was arrested in Spain after an international arrest warrant was put out by Interpol. The NeverQuest malware was responsible for around $5,000,000 in stolen funds.
    2. Read More @ http://thehackernews.com/2017/01/neverquest-fbi-hacker.html
  7. Kaspersky Lab Incident Investigations Head Arrested In Russia For ‘Treason’

    1. Next, news of another arrest. The Incident Investigations head for Kaspersky Lab has been arrested for “Treason” in Russia. Kaspersky Lab has said that the reasoning is for activity prior to him joining the company, but the exact details are unknown. Speculation seems to be that his investigations brought him too close to Russia’s state sponsored hacking group APT28.
    2. Read More @ http://www.darkreading.com/threat-intelligence/kaspersky-lab-incident-investigations-head-arrested-in-russia-for-treason–/d/d-id/1327979
  8. Global Orgs See 82K Cyber Incidents in 2016

    1. Lastly, some more statistics on the breaches in 2016. Globally, organizations have seen 82k Incidents affecting over 225 companies. This number will only increase, I imagine and yet it seems like too many companies still ignore proper security.
    2. Read More @ https://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/news/global-orgs-see-82k-cyber/


– Otakun –

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