Cool News Story Bro! Week of 10-06-2016

by Otakun
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Hi Guys,

Some good news stories this week so let’s get to it.

News Stories:

  1. BREAKING! Another NSA Contractor Arrested For Stealing ‘Secret’ Documents

    1. First story of the week is of another NSA Contractor who attempted to steal data from the agency. The NSA has filed charges against a 51 year old contractor from Booze Allan Hamilton, accusing him of stealing “source code” for tools used to hack foreign governments.
    2. Read More @ http://thehackernews.com/2016/10/nsa-contractor-spy.html
  2. Arrested NSA Contractor ‘Doesn’t Fit the Profile

    1. Next, another take on the above post. This one takes a look at the profile of the arrested contractor, and the fact that he doesn’t really fit the typical ‘insider threat’ profile.
    2. Read More @ www.infosecurity-magazine.com/news/arrested-nsa-contractor-doesnt-fit
  3. Yahoo Email Spying Scandal — Here’s Everything that has Happened So Far

    1. Yahoo has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, and it seems to only been getting worse. Latest in the saga is regarding the massive email spying scandal. If you need a recap of the entire mess, read on.
    2. Read More @ http://thehackernews.com/2016/10/yahoo-email-hacking.html
  4. Verizon wants $1B discount on Yahoo deal after reports of hacking, spying

    1. And the news keeps getting worse for Yahoo as now Verizon is seeking a $1B discount on their purchase of Yahoo, due to the bad news that has enveloped the company over the past weeks. The original buyout was suppose to be for $4.8B but it looks like that might be reduced significantly if Verizon gets their way.
    2. Read More @ http://nypost.com/2016/10/06/verizon-wants-1b-discount-on-yahoo-deal-after-hacking-reports/
  5. PwC: Security is No Longer an IT Cost Center

    1. Next, an interesting article on Security finally becoming something other than a cost center. That’s been the go to excuse for executives for ages, to justify their lack of investment in security, but the latest findings from PwC show that it’s changing. About time.
    2. Read More @ www.infosecurity-magazine.com/news/pwc-security-is-no-longer-an-it/
  6. US Formally Accuses Russia Of Stealing DNC Emails

    1. Next, we been hearing quite a bit about the Russian government being blamed for the hack of the DNC a while back, and now it seems like the US is formally accusing Russia for the attack. Curious how they will respond, and if this will mean any further action from the U.S government against Russia.
    2. Read More @ http://www.darkreading.com/attacks-breaches/us-formally-accuses-russia-of-stealing-dnc-emails/d/d-id/1327130
  7. The Ethics and Morality Behind APT Reports

    1. Next, an interesting read on the morality and ethics behind APT reports. We have all read big reports on some of the most famous espionage campaigns from places like Mandiant and Kaspersky, but this article looks at the question of is it always a good idea to report such things to the public. It’s not as simple as “we found malware, people need to know about it”. Given that the found campaign could, for example, be related to counter-terrorism, etc. Very interesting read.
    2. Read More @ https://threatpost.com/the-ethics-and-morality-behind-apt-reports/121157/
  8. Increased Use of WMI for Environment Detection and Evasion

    1. Lastly, a very good post by FireEye that takes a look at the increased use of WMI by malware, for environment detection and evasion. That take a look at several samples that utilize the WMI service to look for sandboxes and dynamic analysis tools. Good read.
    2. Read More @ https://www.fireeye.com/blog/threat-research/2016/10/increased_use_ofwmi.html
– Otakun –

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