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And now a taste of things to come.

It has been a few weeks since a security focused post so I wanted to toss out an update on what’s currently being done in the background and some details of projects that will be presented going forward.

The Road So Far

This will be our 101st article. We are coming up to a few years worth of posts and to say that our collective knowledge has grown would be a severe understatement. Our contributors have continued to push themselves in their respective working environments while also setting time aside to help provide some information for MalWerewolf whenever possible. The growth in daily unique hits have on average tripled through this year and we’ve also had a few interesting cases of users reaching out to us for security related questions. The website has been under a few overhauls as far as the aesthetics. We began creating videos for some of our scripts and tutorials about a year ago located here which have also received a reasonable amount of attention without us advertising. We would like to thank all of our readers as your continued support and interest helps fuel us to keep pushing forward.

Space: The Final Frontier

We work in an ever changing environment and so should this website. Expanding and evolving in the how, what and why is necessary as stagnation is our enemy. I believe in a good deal of transparency as positive or negative criticism will always provide a learning experience. Below is some of our future projects which we will be adding to the website as well as some bullet points of changes being made to some of our behind the scenes practices.

  • Elasticsearch: You know that time I mentioned I would write some stuff about it… Well I’ve been developing a shell script for a few months now that installs elasticsearch, logstash, kibana, libtrace and bro then configures everything to run so the only thing a user would need to know is “what interface do I want to monitor” and “what device would I need to monitor my traffic with”. I will be adding this to our Github along side a video of the installation process and some of the need to knows behind the script.
  • Contributors: We wanted at least a few years under our belt before we reached out and brought in guest contributors. We believe that our environment is now in a stable enough situation where you may start seeing some guest users and posts.
  • Anonymity came into the fold for some of the reasons why we had to hold back on some decisions. We are also relaxing this general practice as it was mostly in play for the start up.
  • Security software and hardware overviews: as we work through building up our infrastructure we will be taking notes and gathering some resources to reference for anyone else who may be interested in building their own sec ops environment. Some of the software has already been implemented but the following is just a few pieces there are in our list:
    • GRR
    • Palo Alto Device
    • Cert based VPN
    • Honeypot
    • Cuckoo Sandbox
    • Elasticsearch Cluster
    • Splunk
    • Suricata
    • Bro

If you have any feedback or even suggestions of what to add to the site or our infrastructure, please feel free to contact me at destruct_icon@malwerewolf.com.

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