A Peek Into The Windows 10 Registry and File System

by DFIRninja
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:Windows 10 Registry and the File System:

Here is a little peek into the Windows 10 Registry and Filesystem utilizing the Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview. The Technical preview can be downloaded from the below link:


Windows 10 so far seems to be a split between Windows 7 and Windows 8. Microsoft went back to the Windows 7 look with the start button, task bar and icons for their display on the desktop, eliminating the terrible Windows 8 start screen. Windows 10 does keep some of the similarities with Windows 8 as well, such as the live tiles on the start menu on the right hand side, but integrates the Windows 7 program list on the left hand side.

Most of the locations in the filesystem and registry have stayed the same throughout Windows 7,8 and now 10. There is a limited amount of information listed, given the limitations of the Technical Preview. More locations and a deeper dive into Windows 10 forensics will be to come. Below is the link to the spreadsheet with all the information:

Windows 10 Registry and FIle System Paths


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