Powershell sMime Recovery Script (bye bye krt.exe)

sMime Recovery

Created  a Powershell 2.0 compatible script to replace krt.exe KRT Deprecated according to Technet users, which is a GUI sMime recovery tool.

As mentioned in the link above, krt.exe tool was deprecated after Windows Server 2003 R2 and is no longer updated. The krt.exe tools can run on Windows Server 2008, but it can error prone from my experience.

The script takes in a (User Logon Name) parameter from AD.
It checks against multiple domains (provided by you), to see if user exists by using Get-ADUser -LDAPFilter “(sAMAccountName=$Lname)”.
If the user exists then it starts the process of recovering the sMime certificates.
It is a just a wrapper for certutil.exe! :)

The script can be modified to your likening for your organization

The script is located on our Github account: https://github.com/MalWerewolf/PS_sMimeRecovery

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