“Thank You, Scam Again!” – Insight Into the Microsoft Support Scam

by Otakun
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Support Scam

Hey Guys, Otakun here, with something a bit different this week.

So, I am sure some of you at least are familiar with the annoying scam phone calls that pretend to be from “Microsoft Support”. We have come to call them the “Microsoft Support Scam”. Well, I ended up getting one of these calls recently, and decided to have some fun. I had a spare Windows XP VM that I was using for some other work, and figured It would be useful in this scenario. So, I ended up recording my conversation with the nice technician, as well as the VM Session that ensued.

This begins shortly after he asks me to boot up my machine. Audio quality is a bit low in some parts as I am recording from a cellphone to a Monitor Camera Array, but we did try to clean it up as much as we could  Hope you enjoy it!

– Otakun
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