Tracer Fire 5 Series: Part 2.0 (Indy Category)

by InterDimensional_Shambler
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This is a continuation of the Tracer Fire 5 Series posts:

Tools Used:

Indy Category:

This category had a little bit of everything; ciphertext, images, audio, and other fun.

To get the indy120, indy150, indy240, indy250, indy480 puzzles you must carve them from this picture:
Extract 7zip from offsets: 0x12BB – 0x13327D
OR you can just open the image with 7zip. (change extension to .zip)

Tracer Fire 5-indy120_indy150_indy240_indy250_indy480
Extract 7zip from offsets:
0x12BB – 0x13327D


Original Puzzle:
Tracer Fire 5-indy7

Spoiler Inside: Indy7 Solution SelectShow


Original Puzzle:
Tracer Fire 5-indy8

Spoiler Inside: Indy8 Solution SelectShow


Original Puzzle:
Kolejne modele Panzerfausta, odpowiednio: 60, 100, 150, różnił kaliber głowicy i wielkość ładunku miotającego. Konstrukcja i mechanizm nie ulegał istotnym zmianom, z racji wzrastania zasięgu broni modyfikacjom ulegały nastawy celowników. Jedynie we wzorze 150 wprowadzono (a był to już początek 1945 roku) wielokrotne użycie wyrzutni rurowej. Osiągnięto to przez umieszczenie ładunku miotającego w głowicy oraz przez wzmocnienie rury. W wyniku problemu z transportem model ów nie wszedł do walki. Model 250 (o teoretycznym zasięgu 250 m) z racji zakończenia wojny nie opuścił desek kreślarskich nigdy nie wchodząc nawet w fazę prototypową.

(61, 4)
(47, 7)
(19, 4)
(37, 1)
(51, 2)
(67, 5)
(9, 2)
(26, 1)
(2, 2)
(26, 3)
(50, 2)

Spoiler Inside: Indy12 Solution SelectShow


Original Puzzle:

Spoiler Inside: Indy15 Solution SelectShow


Original Puzzle:
Tracer Fire 5-indy16

Spoiler Inside: Indy16 Solution SelectShow


Original Puzzle:
Tracer Fire 5-indy17

Spoiler Inside: Indy17 Solution SelectShow


Original Puzzle:
Tracer Fire 5-indy25

Spoiler Inside: Indy25 Solution SelectShow


Original Puzzle:

Spoiler Inside: Indy37 Solution SelectShow


Original Puzzle:
Tracer Fire 5-indy57

Spoiler Inside: Indy57 Solution SelectShow


Original Puzzle:
Tracer Fire 5-indy60

Spoiler Inside: Indy60 Solution SelectShow


Original Puzzle:
Tracer Fire 5-indy90

Spoiler Inside: Indy90 Solution SelectShow


Original Puzzle (See Top of POST):

Spoiler Inside: Indy120 Solution SelectShow


Original Puzzle (See Top of POST):

Spoiler Inside: Indy150 Solution SelectShow


Original Puzzle:
Did you ever stop to think that any binary sequence is just a number? An AVI file that landed a kid in jail because he seeded it on BitTorrent: a number. He went to jail because he gave somebody a number. Isn’t that wild?

I mean, sure, it was a really big number. But it was still just a number.

I sometimes wonder: what if aliens actually did recieve the Aricebo message? But what if the first thing they did with it was to convert it to a different radix, like base 10? Would they have any chance of figuring it out? All the data would still be there, in that number; but without context, it would be nothing more than just a number.


Spoiler Inside: Indy180 Solution SelectShow


Original Puzzle (See Top of POST):

Spoiler Inside: Indy240 Solution SelectShow


Original Puzzle (See Top of POST):

Spoiler Inside: Indy250 Solution SelectShow


Original Puzzle (See Top of POST):

Spoiler Inside: Indy480 Solution SelectShow

Unanswered Questions:

Still would like to know if the key was the words “US constitution” or if you had to do some magic to extract it from the mangled text.

I’ve got a whole array og stego tools thanks to this puzzle; none were able to definitively identify steg, or keys, or anything.
From LSB analysis it definitely APPEARS that there is something in the beginning of the file (and is only about 10-20% of the file)
Unknown how to extract or what key to try.

I read on the fuzze.org blog that you take the data and convert it into a PBM file with 32bit x 32bit dimensions (and 16bit integers that describe the alternating pixels).
Unfortunately I could not even take that hint and put it all together. :(

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