New SIFT Available!

by Destruct_Icon
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Excited to mention that a new SIFT Kit is out!


Thanks SANS for being awesome! Go get your Log2Timeline and Volatility on!

Here’s a list of new features per the SANS website.

“Key new features of SIFT 3.0 include:

  • Ubuntu LTS 12.04 Base
  • 64 bit base system
  • Better memory utilization
  • Auto-DFIR package update and customizations
  • Latest forensic tools and techniques
  • VMware Appliance ready to tackle forensics
  • Cross compatibility between Linux and Windows
  • Option to install stand-alone via (.iso) or use via VMware Player/Workstation
  • Online Documentation Project at http://sift.readthedocs.org/
  • Expanded Filesystem Support”

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