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The security realm is an ever-evolving creature.  No matter how much you learn about a particular topic, something new seems to pop up overnight.  As such, staying abreast of new threats; methods and procedures; and intelligence can be difficult.  Podcasts give the security professional a method by which we can absorb information “on the go,” so to say.  However, since so many security-related podcasts exist, it can be hard to pinpoint what you want to listen to at a given time.  Luckily, we have Getmon!

The Getmon directory provides a succinct list of the more popular security podcasts.  The site offers a drop-down menu interface that provides quick and easy access to various security podcasts.  Load these bad boys in your favorite MP3 player or simply stream them from your mobile device.  Either way, this site is a chock-full of WIN.

Check it out!: http://www.getmon.com

–          8bits

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