Date: October 2013


User Input Sanitization – A Triple-Pronged Approach

by 8bits0fbr@in
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User Input Sanitization User input filtering, a.k.a. input sanitization, is one of the most important concepts within the security realm.  Improper handling of user input can lead to numerous vulnerabilities, including buffer overflows, SQL injection, command injection, format string attacks, etc.  Sadly, developers often overlook the importance of this practice. While this concept extends to[…]


Using Reaver to brute force WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)

by DFIRninja
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Everything created nowadays have flaws, routers being one of them. Once vulnerabilities are surfaced, people are only steps behind to create tools to exploit those vulnerabilities. Reaver is an open-source tool created by “Tactical Network Solutions” capable of exploiting the WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) vulnerability discovered by security researcher Stefan Viehböck. What is WPS? Wi-Fi[…]


Security Podcast Links: Getmon FTW!

by 8bits0fbr@in
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The security realm is an ever-evolving creature.  No matter how much you learn about a particular topic, something new seems to pop up overnight.  As such, staying abreast of new threats; methods and procedures; and intelligence can be difficult.  Podcasts give the security professional a method by which we can absorb information “on the go,”[…]

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