Date: September 2013


XOR Script (Skips NULL bytes “00”)

by InterDimensional_Shambler
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[Description of XOR Script] Updated January 2014 Hello! I’ve made a script (in python) that can take an XORed (file or string) and will XOR it with a user-defined XOR Key (single-byte or multi-byte). The reason for this is because there is XORed malware out there that is scripted to apply an XOR in various[…]


Java Basics and Tutorials – Links

by Destruct_Icon
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Java Basics and Tutorials Finished up on some Database fundamentals and next is Java goodness. I’m going to post a few links for java basics and tutorials. When I get some spare time, I will also add some code snippets which will give basic understanding for things like arrays and simple math. I found that[…]

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